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What is bioenergetics?

Previously, we thought of the human body as a highly advanced and sophisticated machine. “The heart is a pump.” “The kidneys are filters for the blood.” We understand that is just a very crude anology, but many people still feel that the body is just mechanical.

We then advanced to a more biochemical thinking about the human body. The molecules in our body act as “keys” in “locks” which start or stop certain processes. Our pharmaceutical medications “block” certain receptors – such as “beta blockers” for high blood pressure or “serotonin specific reupdate inhibitors” for anxiety and depression.

We then moved on to an even more elegant thinking about biochemistry – DNA, the master blueprint of life. But that begged the question: are we pre-destined to be what is in our DNA? The emphatic answer to that question was a resounding NO. A woman may have one gene that puts her at higher risk for breast cancer, but never gets that disease. So the study of WHAT CONTROLS the DNA started – the field of epigenetics.

And on and on it went.

In bioenergetics, we believe that this control mechanism is the human body field. It is the whole sum of the information, energy, and how those flow back and forth. It is most similar to the life force energy that is referred to in many ancient healing traditions. Scientific research has been able to measure, characterize and map the human body field. By comparing your own body field to a hypothetical perfect body field, we are able to see where your body field is blocked, distorted, weakened – all requiring support to be corrected and re-aligned.

In the biochemical understanding of human health, our only sources of energy are food, oxygen and water. In bioenergetics, we understand that our bodies interact with the very powerful and ubiquitous elements of the earth and sun (gravitational field, magnetic field, photons). Your body fields can become distorted and blocked by physical and emotional trauma, toxins in our air, food, water, electromagnetic frequencies, overexertion, separation from contact with the earth and sun.

Just as a tuning fork can be used as the standard to tune other instruments so that the whole orchestra is playing in tune with each other, we can re-train the parts of your body field that are distorted to go back into perfect alignment, to go “back in tune”, as it were.

Bioenergetics is NOT a medical service. We do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Bioenergetics supports your body to return to its normal, healthy, efficiently functioning state, restoring the body’s own innate ability to heal itself.

Upon starting a bioenergetics regimen, some people will feel differences in their physical body right away. Most people will feel very subtle shifts in their vitality, emotional wellness, their insight into their own selves as they start to support their bodies bioenergetically. Most physical symptoms take years and decades to come to the surface; we must accept that restoring our human body fields to optimum state can take months to years.

I welcome you to join me on a bioenergetic journey.

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