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NES Health is an innovator in the emerging field of bioenergetics. based on decades of scientific research.

NES Health provides many resources that you can access through a private account, that you can create at NO COST! This account gives you FREE access to:

➼Several bioenergetic films, including the award-winning “Living Matrix.”

➼Free transformational life coaching program, Choice Point.

➼Articles, podcasts, recipes, exercises to improve your vitality and energy.

➼The groundbreaking ebook, Energy 4 Life.

➼Share Energy 4 Life ebook with family and friends.

➼Free streaming of relaxing music tracks imprinted with healing data we call “resonance wellness technology”.

➼A shop with exclusive bioenergetic products

⁍ music CDs imprinted with “resonance wellness technology”

⁍ Feel Good infoceuticals – our exclusive structured water imprinted with “resonance wellness technology”

⁍ paperback versions of several books by bioenergetics pioneers Dr. Peter Frasier and Harry Massey

➼In the shop, you can find the award-winning bioelectric technology called the miHealth, a revolutionary PEMF machine that combines the healing data from NES Health’s decades of scientific research.

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