The Back Story

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Thank you for visiting my website. I am Dr. Kris Lee, MD, and I would like to tell you a little bit of my story and how I got here.

“What is health???”

That was the question they asked in that grand hotel ballroom. Images and feelings of playing with my siblings, running and not feeling tired, eating everything I wanted, sleeping soundly and peacefully filled my mind. “That is health”, I thought, “my body is working well, I feel safe, connected and happy.

But around me, the other young doctors said, “Health is when my blood pressure and blood sugar are controlled.”, “Health is when my doctor has optimized my medicine dosages.”, “Health is when my blood test numbers all look normal.” Under my breath, I murmured, “Health is NOT NEEDING to see a doctor!

I was dumbfounded. How could these, the future of healthcare in America, have such a different concept of what health is than I did? Did I belong there?

Unfortunately, I was to find out over the next many years that I didn’t belong there. Innately I knew our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. But patient after patient, prescription after prescription, I was pummeled into submission that all I could do to help my patients was to be a drug pusher. Philosophically and emotionally I was at odds with my profession, and I dreaded going to work. The work wore out my body, my emotions, and my will. Even though I was not on medications, and all my blood tests, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight were normal, I had no energy, motivation, or joy. I was not healthy, even though the numbers all looked ok.

I ended up leaving my job, thinking a long break was what I needed. Eventually I realized that I did not agree with the philosophy of modern Western medicine – where surgeries and pharmaceutical chemicals are used to force the body to behave in a certain way. There was never an exploration of why the body was acting up and crying out for help, never a search to try and correct the underlying issues. All we did was attack the symptoms, and all we were able to accomplish was suppress the symptom. Like I warned many of my patients, “Just because the blood pressure is better when you take the pill, doesn’t mean that it’s normal again. If you stop the pill, the blood pressure will go back up!” 

I am very grateful to have found NES Health and to be associated with cutting-edge scientific research that is giving me results in my physical and emotional health, and getting many people paradigm-shattering improvements in their own wellness.

For three decades, NES Health has been leading research into the field of bioenergetics, and has developed technology to assess and support the body’s bioenergetic field by gently reactivating and strengthening the body’s innate wisdom of how to function properly and normally. When it comes to health, bioenergetics goes beyond chemistry to look more deeply into root causes by exploring energy and the energy fields that control it. This gives us insights into where the body needs support so we can work to correct it rather than just suppress symptoms. This also lets us explore the realm where consciousness interacts with physical reality, giving us insights into how stress and emotions affect our health.

You don’t have to be “sick” or have a “diagnosis” to benefit from supporting your body’s bioenergetic fields. All of us are constantly bombarded with environmental pollutants, chemicals tainting our food and water, radiation exposure, emotional stress from living hectic lives in the modern age and urban lifestyles. Supporting your bioenergetic fields can benefit anyone.

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I look forward to working with you, to introduce you to how NES Health infoceuticals and miHealth device can help you optimize your wellness by re-teaching and reactivating your body to function normally and optimally.

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