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Read the body. Trust the body. Support the body. The NES Health approach to bioenergetics.

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I like to describe the NES Health approach to bioenergetics this way:

Read the body. Trust the body. Support the body.

Read the body. We do a scan of your human body field. This can be done with a voice recording or with a hand-held device that you can purchase. Most people prefer to use the voice recording feature, since it is immediate, and you don’t need to purchase anything or wait for shipping. The voice recording happens through the NES Health website and takes less than 15 seconds.

Trust the body. The NES Health system analyzes the frequencies of your body field through your voice recording and tells us WHAT YOUR BODY WANTS. This is the ultimate in personalization. There is no association of old, scholarly men telling us what is right for our bodies. Your body field responds moment-by-moment to every experience you go through, and the system shows us the PRIORITIES that are important for your body RIGHT NOW. These may not be what you are feeling or showing symptoms of. They are often the underlying, foundational things your body, in its wisdom, knows have to be corrected in order for your symptoms to go away.

Support the body. The next step is to support the body in the 5 highest priority items that the scan shows. This involves taking a protocol of 5 infoceuticals for a month. With the insight from the scan, you also need to make the lifestyle choices to support these priority items – whether is it food or exercise choices, letting go of stress or unrealistic expectations, choosing to spend time outdoors in contact with the sun and the earth, or other practical steps.

The first step is to create an account on the NES Health portal. Please watch the videos below for detailed instructions.

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